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Players should register with the intent of playing a minimum of 3 matches in a 3 month season
Skill Level Check your skill level here.
Select the most appropriate competitive fit. Consistent non-competitive play, in season, could result in a change of Division.
Divisions are co-ed, but mostly male in make up.
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Personal Information
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Last Name (Player)
Age (Junior players only)
Parent's name (for players under age 18)
Note: Parents of players under 18, please contact League Director prior to registering your player. Parents also agree to supervise all email messaging activity of minor player.
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Note to parents: Each Junior player must have their own email address.
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Tennis League Shirts(Men's Sizes Only)
League T-Shirt (Optional) click here for image
*Shirt price includes $7.00 shipping and sales tax.
Note: Call 619 846-1125 for multiple sizes and/or colors.

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Terms & Conditions
By registering and playing in Tennis League, Member hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless Tennis League San Diego; Stephen de la Torre, Owner/Director; or its assignee or nominee (collectively "TLSD") from and against any and all claims, loss, damage, injury, illness, costs and expenses which may be asserted against TLSD by Member or any other person as a result of any activities related to Member's membership in Tennis League, including without limitation, transportation mishaps, no-shows by other members, illness or injury, on or off the court. Member acknowledges and consents to scores and associated information of any matches played being publicly accessible. Member also agrees that registering to play constitutes full agreement and consent. Member further agrees that this agreement is applicable to any season played in TLSD; past, present or future.
I accept the terms and condition

Pay by credit card: Please click the "Continue" button below to finalize payment and receive your login information


No credit card? Mail your check to:

12630 Fairford Rd

To pay by money transfer such as Venmo or Zelle, please call Director.

Telephone Number:
Director: Steve de la Torre

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