Q: Why should I play Tennis League San Diego?

1) Your game will improve…. a lot!

2) You will meet a lot of new players and likely make some great new friends!

3)Easily find partners to practice and play matches with other players – when it works for you.

4) Win prizes: bags, rackets and free seasons.

5) TLSD is a locally owned and managed league, running for over 30 continuous years locally. We are unmatched in tenure, experience and providing value to members.

Q: Where do we play?

A: Wherever you want! Players decide between themselves where to play based on convenience. Schools, parks, clubs and private courts are the norm. Players who have available courts tend to host the most.

Q: How much do I have to play?

A: Play as much or as little as you want. There is no schedule or assigned matches.

Q: Can I “just hit” instead of playing matches?

A: YES! Although we are match play focused, players also can set up practice, or hitting sessions, between each other. In fact, we recommend it!

Q: How do I know what division to sign up for?

A: If you aren’t sure, see the NTRP ratings guide on the “Skill Level” tab of our website to help you decide. Make your best assessment of your skill level. However, it’s very easy to move you up or down a division after a few matches if results suggest a better fit in another level.

Q: How many players in my division are located near me?

A: Of course, it depends on where you are located. However, most players are within a 10-20minute drive of each other.

Q: How many players are in each division?

A: The average number of players per division varies each season; however, the average number of players has been:
5.0 = 35-45
4.5 = 50-65
4.0 = 45-55
3.6 = 25-30

Q: How do I contact other players in my division?

A: Active members access the website’s messaging system andsend other players invites to play via email. Email addresses are not displayed though and remain private. Players may also optionally exchange text messages.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: $30 per 3month season, or $100 for a Yearly membership (4 seasons).

Q: How long is a season and when do they start?

A: Each season is 3 months long.
Winter: Jan. 7th – April 5th
Spring: April 7th – July 5th
Summer: July 7th – Oct. 5th
Fall: Oct. 7th – Jan. 5th

Q: The season has already started. Is it too late to register?

A: There is no deadline. You can join mid-season.

Q: Does Tennis League have any tournaments?

A: Yes – our playoffs are our League’s tournaments. They take place the last 3 weeks of every season. Usually, the “top 8” players in every division are seeded into a single elimination draw. Division Champions for each season are decided over 3 rounds of playoff matches. Winner’s prize packages are worth about $160.

Q: Are there any other perks or prizes for being a League member?

A: Yes – through our sponsorship with Wilson, we give away 2 Wilson tennis bags and 2 free seasons of League play every season. Every January, our Yearly members can also win a Wilson racket or a Yearly membership renewal.

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